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Hard Rock | Alternative Rock | Grunge | Lubbock, TX

What If We're Wasting Our Time

Ominous. I know. A late night blog post should come with some anxiety. It seems to be when it comes out the most.

The band has been putting so much effort into finding ways to be better. We want a better production. We want to play better. Better live performance. Better connections with other artists and other people. And it's hard sometimes to not think, "What the hell is this all about? Is it about us? Like each of us personally? Is it about music or something larger and more abstract? Is it about being on stage or about fulfilling some lifelong goal? Do we want success? What the fuck is success in this field anymore?" We don't know. For us right now, it's about giving this everything we can give it. What happens when four people really, really commit to an artistic project and take it to its limit? Sometimes nothing. Sometimes more than anyone could have expected.

It's important for us to remember that no matter how this turns out, we've done something important. If we've even moved the needle a fraction in the rock world (a fraction of a fraction), then it was worth it. We can rely on those personal motivations to justify how fucking insane this is sometimes.