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Hard Rock | Alternative Rock | Grunge | Lubbock, TX

This is Going to Be Different

We know there was some uncertainty concerning Nick and the band moving forward, but if anyone was worried, know that Nick will be there tonight jamming with Feathergun for the first time as a five-piece. Josh'll put the guitar away for a bit and focus on the vocal part of things (and thank goodness because doing both is kinda hard, dude). But, we have so much writing potential now. Can't wait to see what the NEXT next album is going to look like. Of course, don't forget, Gates Wide Open comes out on August 1 on all streaming platforms. So y'all better get your daily playlists ready because it's coming.

As mentioned before in some of the previous blogs, we're looking to do things a little bit differently in the future. We're going to talk a bit about production tonight and some of the ways we're arranging the shows. The release show, when it's scheduled, will probably be the last time we play a set as long as 35-45 minutes. That will be cut down to about 20-25 tops. We're going to have to figure out how to do a few things differently with both Nick and Matt Mercado at the helm. The second album has a ton of layering on guitars, so for the older songs that don't have two guitars, we'll probably address trying to layer some of the music, or add new fills, or do whatever we can to enhance the music.

Also, we're going to start recording things a bit more. I mentioned this briefly on our Instagram story, so if you don't follow us on IG, you should. Just want to have it documented. We don't need to share everything with y'all and don't intend to, but we might have some moments that would be worth sharing. Or, we could just invite you guys into the creative process with us. We won't spill all the secrets, but this is a creative journey, and you guys are every bit a part of it as we are.

Anyway, wish us luck. Let's see if we can make some new magic tonight.