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Hard Rock | Alternative Rock | Grunge | Lubbock, TX

Rock Show This Saturday - June 29 - Jake's Backroom

It's pretty rare that we'd do back to back weekends, and with both shows being in Lubbock, but the band couldn't miss out on the opportunity to jam with some of our favorite groups as they came through town. Last weekend, we had an amazing show with Residue, Fluid Frequency, Mr. Toads Wild Ride, and Unocorn. Not one band disappointed at that show, so cheers to all of them. We hope they're riding high and ready for the next big show.

This weekend, Saturday, June 29, we hit the stage with some of our favorite bands from out of town, including our brothers in music, A Special Case, joined by Locust Grove and OddFellas.

Seems like we've been trying to get a show with OddFellas together forever, and we finally made it happen. Can't wait to see what they can do. Locust Grove was a band I was relatively unfamiliar with until the request came around and it seems the group has a decent amount of clout. Two members in the band are part of the popular Texas Hippie Coalition, and some have been signed with large labels. It makes sense after having listened to their music: the product is extremely professional and their music is spot on, with all the edge you'd want while still seeming approachable.

We're excited for all of the bands. This will be a hard rock show through and through. The talent will be there and we hope that Lubbock shows this time around. If you're reading this, as always, we need your help. Hope to see you and your friends out to make this a night we can all remember. And don't forget, if you come out that night, you'll be automatically entered to win FREE Feathergun merch. Just for coming through the door.

We'll see you all Saturday night.

Here's Locust Grove covering Pantera's "Cowboys from Hell."

Next Show: Saturday, June 29 - Jake's Backroom - OddFellas, A Special Case, Locust Grove, and Feathergun