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Hard Rock | Alternative Rock | Grunge | Lubbock, TX

Our First Back-To-Back

I played in a cover band called Alternative Unknown for about three or four years and in that time, I learned a thing or two about how much work goes into music. It completely changed my perspective on how to appreciate live bands and live music and the things they did to put on an entertaining show for people they never met. Pretty much every weekend, the guys and I would have to lug tons of PA equipment in and out of cramped bars across the town and we'd have to set everything up and get the sound right. Being in a rock band, everything's just a bit louder than some of the other groups. An acoustic act, for example, might just bring in a single PA speaker with a built-in mixer and call it a day. But we couldn't do that. At a minimum, we had to match the unmiced drum kit.

We did plenty of back to back nights and it starts to catch up with you after a while.

This is pretty different because with most of our gigs as an original group, we haven't had to worry about the PA. We bring our individual equipment and tow around our merchandise (which can get to be a lot so buy some damn it), but most of the work is making sure you get people where they need to be and the sound is good to go before the doors open.

It's easy to be excited about a back-to-back show setting like this, but I'm interested to see how we fare when it comes to the second night of playing. I have no doubt Oklahoma is going to show and we're going to have a hell of the time. The biggest challenge isn't going to be for my back with all the carrying of weight--it's going to be for my liver, because I hear those OK folks can drink a bit.

We're looking forward to the show tomorrow in Lawton, Oklahoma at The Railhead Saloon.