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Hard Rock | Alternative Rock | Grunge | Lubbock, TX

Focusing on the Road

With the last show behind us, the band has decided to really start focusing on getting out of Lubbock a little bit more. The struggle to make the shows work with the limited venues has been difficult on this band (though it's not a ubiquitous struggle), and it's obviously a mix of our demographic of fans and the music we play. We see wildly different results depending on where we play. That makes sense, as each town seems to have its own culture, its own set of musicians, and its own group of people that go or don't go to live shows.

We love our Lubbock fans and intend to continue to perform in the larger DIN shows we can land. It seems better for us when we can leave the productions to the production companies while we do what we do best: focus on creating amazing content and music.

I wanted to shout out a couple of special people, but Michael, Jason, Mary Ann, Linda, and all the folks that try to make it to every show to jam with Feathergun--we appreciate you all more than we can say.

We're officially one month away from releasing our second album. To a bright future, to great rock and roll, and to some of the best fucking fans in the entire world.