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Hard Rock | Alternative Rock | Grunge | Lubbock, TX

Discovery Through Perseverance

Musicians seem to range from two broad sides of the spectrum: either they're painfully egotistical (which may be a ruse--a character) or they doubt everything they create. I've met and been both of these musicians at times and I think it depends on the people that are around me and how they react to my work. The ego's been turned down a lot since I was younger, but it's hard to not pat yourself on the back from time to time when things go right. When it's chronic and it's divisive, it could hurt the survival of the art altogether, or at least damage the artist on the professional side of things.

Confidence is not the same thing as egoism.

Last night was the first night we practiced without our lead guitar player. He left the band and we wish him well as he moves forward in his career and as a musician. He's talented, a great songwriter, and he's given more to this band than we could have asked for.

But we were able to do what we needed to. We pulled it together, we played as a three-piece act and it sounded great. At the core of Feathergun is a group of hard-working people that are willing to take the time to make things right and do whatever they can to persevere. That's a trait of any artist or group of artists that hope for success.

So, while overall the discovery that this works still is bittersweet, we're carrying on and we're going to continue to bring amazing hard rock music to Lubbock, Texas, the region, and maybe someday something beyond that.

We love you all.