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Hard Rock | Alternative Rock | Grunge | Lubbock, TX

Band Merch (help us we're poor)

BREAKING NEWS. Original bands don't make money. Unless you've got some serious momentum, you might as well chalk being in an original band into a series of financial losses with a lot of personal enjoyment (not for the losses). We spend money on our own travel, which requires food and lodging. We're bougie bitches, so we always get our own rooms and that's even more expensive. We pay for the merch up front, we pay for the printing of CDs, we pay for digital publishing, we pay thousands to get into the studio, we sometimes PAY FOR THE SHOW we're booked on if it's a bigger gig. It's pretty rare that we recoup those losses and this is the way it is for every band I know.

What's one way you can help you're probably wondering by now, assuming you're still reading this lecture on band financing? You can buy merchandise. Merchandise is usually a great way to both support your local favorites by wearing their name on your physical body, which other people will say and maybe ask about, but it also puts a little bit of money in our coffers so that we can, in turn, buy more shirts that you can put on your body and so it goes forever and ever until we're rich or something. And you have a full wardrobe of our shirts.

Truthfully, though, if you're at a show, spend a little bit on something. I know we all don't have a lot of money. The people that are going to the shows are often having to pay to get in. So we have to buy stuff too? Well, sometimes there are items that are only a dollar. You pay that for markup on shitty beer. Why not pay it to the band you've come out to see? If you buy our merch, you're pretty likely to score a drink from someone in the band. Because we appreciate you.

Overall, no need to stop at supporting local acts by just showing up. Wear their things, blast their music, and slowly make your local scene a part of your local culture. That's what this is all about.

If you want to buy our shirts to wear on your physical body, go to our shop. Thanks for supporting local rock music.

Next Show: June 22, 2019 at Jake's Backroom with Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, Unocorn, Fluid Frequency, and Residue.

Hit that GOING button or we'll punch you in the throat.