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Hard Rock | Alternative Rock | Grunge | Lubbock, TX

Band Highlight: A Special Case

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Sometimes it's important to send love to other bands that have either inspired you or helped you along in the process, and in our case, no band comes close in having developed a collaborative and helpful scenario than that of A Special Case.

A Special Case is a homegrown rock band from Pampa, Texas. We met the guys when we set up a show in Lubbock with them, hoping (hoping) that we would be able to pull the kind of crowd that they wanted to see out here. Right off the bat, I noticed something was different about the band. Matt Gutierrez, the bass player of the band, was communicative. Yeah, that doesn't sound like a huge deal, but when you're trying to organize something like a rock show, having someone that talks and responds is a big deal, and it doesn't happen all the time.

When the time for the show came around, the numbers on social media looked great, but as it often is, they were deceptive and the show was meager at best when it comes to the numbers. That happens in music--sometimes you have a hundred out there, sometimes you have ten. In Lubbock, especially, you never know. We tried to hold off as long as we could to get people to show up, but when we realized it was going to be one of those slower nights, we started and A Special Case opened the show with a stunning and killer set, not one bit put off by a smaller (but still awesome) audience. That's always been a sign of real professionalism to me. A band that can perform like they're in a stadium when they're in front of a handful of people has a chance in this world. It tells me they're doing this for more than attention--they're doing it because they love what they do and they love music.

They were as good about the situation as they could have been and that night, after the show was over, and they stayed the whole time, we went out to the The Silver Bullet for some karaoke. Dave, the lead singer of ASC, was trying to get me to sing songs for a bit, and I did (I think I did Possum Kingdom?) but then we snuck a song in for him. Surprising how singers in rock bands can get nervous doing karaoke. We drank what must have been one hundred (no exaggeration) of those $1 jello shots they have. They were handing them to us in buckets. We had a hell of a time with a band from out of town.

I was surprised that we'd never had the same experience with a band from Lubbock and it made me think that maybe some of us need to do that more.

Subsequently, and somewhat to our surprise, we were invited out by A Special Case to play out in Pampa, Texas, their hometown at a small venue out there called The Jam House. The Jam House was a large, long building, lofted in one area, with a stage that took up one side of the room. Picnic style tables were set up in one of the rooms and chairs along each of them. Everything, from top to bottom, was painted black and lights bounced from each corner of the room. I still remember the question, "Do you guys want some of the lights or all of the lights?" and Richie said, "All of the lights. We never get the lights." So we had all of the lights. About an hour and a half before the show, people started filtering in. I was shocked by the amount of people that were showing up in little Pampa, Texas, but the town there was about supporting their rock and roll acts and they did. That night, we broke the record for attendance and it was a hell of a show.

After the show was over, some members of Feathergun and some of the townsfolk that attended the show went over to Dave's house and we played drinking games until four in the morning. It was another amazing night with an amazing band that knows how to support rock and roll and how to support their fellow bands. Since then, we've continued to work with A Special Case with our regional shows, a lot of times jumping onto their acts. They've taught us a lot about working relationships and being good. About being professional and about building a community. So cheers to A Special Case. We're looking forward to one hundred more jello shots.

Follow A Special Case on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/specialcasemusic/