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Hard Rock | Alternative Rock | Grunge | Lubbock, TX

Back to Writing Music

It's been a long time, but anyone that follows Feathergun knows we're going through some big changes. With Nick having to focus on school and work (congrats to him by the way on being a big shot charge nurse), we've worked closely with Matthew Mercado to get spun up on both the first and second album's material. Now, we're just about there and it's time to start writing some new music. So what will that look like going forward?

Well, different and the same.

Feathergun has always had multiple people in the band writing. In the first album, the majority of the songs were written by Nick and Matt, with one written by Josh. In the second album, Nick and Josh wrote the original riffs (which were then obviously made way better by the rest of the band). As we move into the third album, we'll have Matt Mercado writing in addition to both Josh and Matt Jasper, so there will definitely be a different feel, but the original writers on both of the early albums will be present.

Feathergun has always been about evolution. We're not afraid to try something soft or something super heavy and hard. Our inspirations range from The Beatles, to Tesla, to Skid Row, to Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. We just want to bring music that gets people excited and makes them feel something.

We appreciate everyone's consistent support of our music. We love y'all and always will. And don't worry, we're going to continue to write the badass music you've all fallen in love with, with a new and evolved flare. We'll see you all soon.

NEXT SHOW: November 19 | Jake's Backroom | Opening for Everrest