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Hard Rock | Alternative Rock | Grunge | Lubbock, TX

2019 has been a big year for Feathergun and the local Lubbock scene in general. We released our new album, Gates Wide Open, on all streaming platforms. This was our sophomore album, but really felt like the first album that brought all of us together to write music as a band. We're proud of so many of the tracks on the album, and really feel like we've developed a composition that can be listened to from the beginning to the end while still providing a diverse musical experience.

We brought on our new lead guitarist, Matthew Mercado, and said goodbye to Nick, whom we love and will keep close to us as we continue to move on. He's going to make sure we don't create anything that sucks, we hope. The change was difficult, and it will undoubtedly change the music moving forward, but we're certain we'll bring the same great rock and roll we always have. Feathergun has always been about growth, so we're welcoming all the changes moving forward and count on the opportunities for growth.

We've seen a lot of great new bands in Lubbock, welcomed several from out of town, and saw the reemergence of old favorites. The Lubbock scene continues to produce some of the most creative and thoughtful artists in Texas. We also got a chance to interview with Harvy Silva and OneTake, which is a great investment in the local scene and an amazing service provided by a friend that just loves music.

We wish you all the best of luck moving into the next year and hope that you guys lift up your favorite musicians, support their shows, and make great music yourself.

Though we've been talking about it since the inception of OneTake, we finally managed to get ourselves on Harvey Silva's amazing video interview project. Matt Jasper and I were the only ones that hadn't done an interview prior to Feathergun's opportunity, because both Richie and Matt Mercado were interviewed for some of their other musical projects (support them!). So, while we were a little nervous, we got some of the details on how it would go down. Matt Mercado kept reminding us of how close the phone got to your face, and it sure does.

We play in Matt's shop in Wolfforth, Texas, and it's essentially a giant metal room. We're hoping to work in a smaller, insulated room in the future (which is nice around this time of year), but it's always an issue with the sound. Some days are better than others. We were pretty happy with how things turned out with the interview, however. I did call Matt Jasper "Jared" at one point and couldn't remember his name, so if it goes to show you that you can play in front of people for years and still get nervous about even small things.

But it's the small things that I think will make the biggest differences in the scene. Harvey's work with OneTake and then some other video projects coming along will hopefully allow the music scene in Lubbock to reach people that wouldn't otherwise engage with it. The more we can bring people in, the better these local shows will be. Not to say we don't support the people that come out and spend their weekdays with us now. It's amazing. But we all know the Lubbock music scene could use a boost, especially for the quality of artists we have in this town.

In the end, thanks to Harvey Silva and OneTake, thanks to everyone's continued support, and thanks to my band for their authenticity. We're going to keep on writing and moving forward playing great music.

It's been a long time, but anyone that follows Feathergun knows we're going through some big changes. With Nick having to focus on school and work (congrats to him by the way on being a big shot charge nurse), we've worked closely with Matthew Mercado to get spun up on both the first and second album's material. Now, we're just about there and it's time to start writing some new music. So what will that look like going forward?

Well, different and the same.

Feathergun has always had multiple people in the band writing. In the first album, the majority of the songs were written by Nick and Matt, with one written by Josh. In the second album, Nick and Josh wrote the original riffs (which were then obviously made way better by the rest of the band). As we move into the third album, we'll have Matt Mercado writing in addition to both Josh and Matt Jasper, so there will definitely be a different feel, but the original writers on both of the early albums will be present.

Feathergun has always been about evolution. We're not afraid to try something soft or something super heavy and hard. Our inspirations range from The Beatles, to Tesla, to Skid Row, to Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. We just want to bring music that gets people excited and makes them feel something.

We appreciate everyone's consistent support of our music. We love y'all and always will. And don't worry, we're going to continue to write the badass music you've all fallen in love with, with a new and evolved flare. We'll see you all soon.

NEXT SHOW: November 19 | Jake's Backroom | Opening for Everrest