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Hard Rock | Alternative Rock | Grunge | Lubbock, TX


Feathergun is a four-piece rock band originally formed by guitarist Nick Paniagua and Bassist Matt Jasper, with hard rock roots that bring the heavy grunge sound of early nineties era rock to the modern day. Fueled by dynamic rock groups like Soundgarden and Stone Temple Pilots, Feathergun roars with thunderous melodies and huge vocal hooks.

Joshua Aaron Crook infuses Feathergun’s unique hard rock vibe with intense lyrical and vocal power, with driving verses and memorable choruses akin to rock music’s greatest eras. Richie Rubio brings hard rock and metal roots to the drums to drive thunderous rhythms and infectious beats.

In 2017, Feathergun released their debut, self-titled EP with eight tracks that range dynamically from depthful, melodic rock to earth-shattering and metal-esque songs that dominate in power and rhythm.

Feathergun has opened for national and international acts that include Avatar, Local H, Hemlock, Sleeping with Sirens, Adelitas Way, and others. Through their involved and crowd-interactive stage shows, the band continues to pave the path for the future of American Hard Rock, built on deep fan connection and dedication to the music.